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List of Foods That Make It Difficult to Sleep

List of Foods That Make It Difficult to Sleep – Food is indeed a source of energy to carry out daily activities and activities, food also certainly has a big influence on your body.

There are many factors that affect your sleep, and one of them is food. Usually we tend to underestimate the effects of the food we eat. Especially foods that have the effect of making it difficult for you to sleep well. Though good sleep has many benefits. However, if the quality of your sleep is disturbed, you will feel tired and less enthusiastic about going through the day.

Research states that the food and drinks we consume are very important for maintaining the quality of our sleep. The more high-calorie foods we consume, the longer it takes our bodies to digest them which causes us to fall asleep easily at the wrong time.

1. Chocolate

Bad news for chocolate lovers around the world. It turns out that eating sweet snacks at night is very bad for your sleep. This is because chocolate made from cocoa beans contains caffeine. So when you eat a piece of chocolate it’s like drinking 3 cups of coffee. And that’s what keeps you awake at night.

2. Spicy food

Any type of spicy food will increase your body temperature which causes your blood circulation to move quickly. When you eat spicy food before bed, you will have trouble falling asleep. So, it’s better for you to eat spicy food well before going to bed.

3. Pizza

The combination of fatty and sour cheese from pizza sauce is not good to eat before bed. Because pizza can keep you up at night. Pizza is best eaten for breakfast or in the afternoon but never before bed.

4. Tea

Don’t be surprised if it turns out that tea that is useful for calming the body can actually make us insomnia. Especially matcha and green tea, both teas contain more caffeine than coffee. So, drinking one of these types of tea will keep you energized and awake at night.

5. Fatty foods

If you eat fatty foods like fried chicken or rendang before going to bed, don’t be surprised if you have trouble sleeping. Fatty foods can cause bloating and indigestion if consumed at night.…


Types and Functions of Makeup Brushes

Types and Functions of Makeup Brushes – Nowadays, there are more and more people who can not be separated from the name of makeup. Makeup has become a routine that must be done. But do you already know the types and functions of some of these makeup tools? In the world of makeup itself, there are many types of makeup brushes with various functions. But unfortunately, not everyone understands the difference.

For those of you who are new to makeup brushes, we have summarized a series of information regarding the use of each brush. This is the explanation!

1. Foundation brush

Regular foundation brushes are flat in shape with very dense and fine bristles. However, there are several beauty brands that have also launched flat-tipped foundation brushes.
For a more even and flawless foundation finish, brush the foundation brush following the direction of the facial hair.

2. Powder brush

Powder brush has dense bristles and is similar to foundation. However, broad fur has a much finer and fluffy tip. Powder brush is usually used to ‘bind’ foundation using loose powder.

3. Kabuki brush

Kabuki brushes are the easiest to recognize, because they are round. This brush has bristles that expand or expand at the ends.
What makes kabuki brushes special is their multifunctionality. Kabuki brushes can be used to even out powder foundation, powder, blush, and highlighter. In essence, this brush is useful for applying all kinds of powder cosmetics.

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4. Angled blush brush

As the name implies, the angled brush has a sloping surface, tapering to one side. The uneven surface makes it easier for you to apply blush and contour to the cheekbones.

5. Concealer brush

If this brush, tends to be small. The fur is fine and dense, and has a curved tip. When using this brush, you only need to gently pat the area you want to cover.

6. Fan brush

The fan brush has a flat and wide shape like a real fan. Its function is to apply highlighter to the cheekbones or jawline.…


Get to Know How Trusted Online Slot Machines Work

Get to Know How Trusted Online Slot Machines Work – Being a player of online slot gambling games is not only by playing this game, you as a player also need to know several things related to this game.

Currently, there are many types of slot machines circulating in various official and trusted slot game agents in the online world. From this, the first thing you should know before starting the game is to understand how slot gambling works properly.

In general, every joker123 slot machine has 3 to 5 reels of symbols with different features and there is no absolute way to win the slot. The explanation given is probably self-explanatory, as RNG or medium (random number generation) has been used on all slot machines.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is responsible for the payout percentage of real money online slot gambling games. That percentage must be certified by a third party authority to ensure fair gaming. The rules require that a minimum percentage is required to be paid back to the player.

Get to Know How Trusted Online Slot Machines Work

Return To Player (RTP)

This payout percentage, or Return to Player (RTP), varies from game to game, and from developer to developer, but generally in offline casino building slots you can find RTP ranging from 80-90%, however that number increases significantly for gambling. online slots, and even higher for new mobile slots.

So, let’s say a slot has 95% RTP. That means out of 100 coins, 95 go back to real money online slot gambling players over time. The rest is margin for online casino developers.

View Paytable

Before you spin the reels, click on the ‘Paytable’ or ‘Info’ icon on the game screen then you will be taken to a separate screen with all the game info you need. Here you will find the various payouts for each of the different winning combinations, a list of symbols and details of each bonus round, if any.

Some, but not all, developers will list a possible Return to Player (RTP) percentage as well.

Get to know Hockey Playtime

If you want to be a successful online slot gambling player, you certainly deserve the length of your career. There are no special restrictions, because all processes in the game take place online 24 hours a day without stopping. Because the freedom to choose the time gives you the possibility to find the most efficient playing time.

According to experts in online gambling, playing time can be considered very sensitive, because it needs to be considered. You have to make a schedule for playing online slots from scratch to implement every day. Then, the changes will be immediately visible when you set your playing time according to the set schedule.…