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Most Expensive Makeup Tool

Most Expensive Makeup Tool – Women usually make up to beautify their face when meeting people or attending an event. But who would have thought that some of these makeup tools actually have a very expensive price, you know

Most Expensive Makeup Tool

1. Sisley Double Tenseur Moisturizing Gel, primer for IDR 2.6 million

If the primer is usually sold for under Rp. 200,000, this high-end makeup brand from Paris sells its primer at a price of Rp. 2.6 million. This product has a double advantage, namely as a moisturizer as well as a primer for base makeup.

Enriched with a combination of plant-based ingredients such as oat seed extract, lemon, rhatany, and tiger nut, this moisturizing gel texture product can instantly moisturize the skin, tighten facial skin, making facial texture smoother.

2. Barneys Gold & Diamond Eyelash, bright eyelashes for IDR 19 million

Not only the clear shape, the false eyelashes released by Barneys have gold and diamond materials on the false eyelash bone. These luxurious and glossy false eyelashes are studded with 24-carat gold and diamonds, which cost up to IDR 19 million.

3. La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation, a foundation worth IDR 3.5 million

Do you want the appearance of the face to look smooth like without pores? You can try the most expensive foundation in the world, the La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. You can use this as a foundation or concealer, because at the top of the package there is a cream textured concealer.

Comes with a luxurious packaging and there is a small brush for applying concealer. The packaging of this most expensive foundation is very beautiful to put on the dressing table. The price of La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation is around IDR 3.5 million.

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4. Pat Macgrath Labs Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette, for IDR 2.5 million

Comes with a luxurious and unique impression, Pat Macgrath Labs Mothership V eyeshadow is sold at a price of IDR 2.5 million. In this eyeshadow palette there are 10 unique color choices.

The pigmentation of this most expensive eyeshadow is intense and the formula is easy to blend. So for those of you who have more budget to buy eyeshadow, there’s nothing wrong with buying this eyeshadow palette.…


Cleaning Makeup Sponge for a New Look

Cleaning Makeup Sponge for a New Look – Makeup sponges are one of the makeup tools that must be cleaned regularly to maintain cleanliness to avoid germs that can cause acne on the face.

Make p today is a part of almost everyone, especially for women. Its existence is needed to support appearance. One makeup instrument that almost everyone has is a sponge.

This sponge which has a soft and chewy texture is commonly used to apply makeup to the face. However, this tool is also one that is easily dirty and smelly if you are not diligent in cleaning it. Therefore, let’s see the right way to clean makeup sponges.

1. Wet under running water

As with cleaning other things, of course running water is preferable. You only need to wet the sponge under running water until the dirt starts to flow along with the water. Do it several times until it is clean maximally.

2. Use soap

Makeup sponge is a tool that often smells if it is not cleaned regularly. You need to clean it regularly and painstakingly by using soap. There are no restrictions on the types of soap that can be used because the most important thing is that the sponge smells good again.

3. Scrub the sponge

Even though it looks clean from the outside, it is not necessarily the case inside. This is because sponges tend to easily soak water into them. Therefore, rub the sponge with the alus material and squeeze it so that the water also flows.

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4. Dry it

When all the steps for washing the sponge have been completed, you should start preparing a clean, dry towel to dry it. Soft sponges tend to take a while to dry. Therefore, dry the sponge patiently and use a towel as one of the tools.

5. Perform cleaning regularly

To maintain the elasticity and quality of the sponge, you need to do the cleaning routine. You don’t want to wait for a dirty or smelly sponge to wash it off. You can wash it regularly every three days or even once a week depending on the intensity of its use.…