Some Tips for Cleaning Makeup Tools

Some Tips for Cleaning Makeup Tools

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Some Tips for Cleaning Makeup Tools – Makeup tools that are often used or after being used will definitely get dirty and will leave an imprint on the tool. So how do we clean it?
Dirty and moldy make-up equipment not only makes makeup imperfect. But it is also a major cause of irritation and acne on the skin. Horror!

In order to avoid these things, you must always maintain the cleanliness of the make-up equipment you use. Brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders are makeup tools that must be kept clean.

1. Rinse the tip of the brush bristles
One way to clean makeup brushes is to rinse the tips of the brush bristles first.
You can rinse the tip of the brush bristles under warm running water to remove any remaining makeup products that are still attached.
Better, rinse only at the tip of the brush bristles, yes. Because, soaking the entire brush head with warm water can actually dissolve the adhesive glue that is between the brush head and the handle.

2. Prepare the shampoo solution water
The next way to clean makeup brushes is to prepare shampoo solution water.
The trick, fill a bowl or medium-sized container filled with warm water.
Then, add 1 tablespoon of your usual mild shampoo to the bowl.
Stir or shake the water and shampoo mixture until a froth appears.
Avoid using liquid bath soap or other regular soap because it can dry out the brush bristles.

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3. Wet brush bristles with shampoo solution water
The correct way to clean a make-up brush is to dip the tip of the brush in warm water to clean any make-up products that may stick to the bristles of the brush.
Avoid dipping or submerging the entire brush in a bowl of shampooed water, as this can damage the adhesive between the brush and the handle.
After that, rinse the brush bristles using running water until clean.
You can repeat the second and third steps until the rinse water becomes clear, which indicates that there are no more flakes of make-up products attached to the brush.

4. Dry the brush
After the steps for how to clean your makeup brushes are complete, you can dry them properly.
After wringing out the make-up brush until no more water drips off, place the brush on a few clean paper towels.
Place the make-up brush on the edge of a clean table and let it dry for a while.
Make sure the tip of the brush does not stick to the surface of the table so that the water from the brush does not run into the handle and cause the adhesive glue between the head and the handle of the brush to break.