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The Bad Impact of Using a Bra While Sleeping

The Bad Impact of Using a Bra While Sleeping – Sleeping in a bra turns out to have several health consequences. Some feel comfortable sleeping in a bra, some feel more comfortable and free when sleeping without a bra. Differences of opinion about whether or not it is comfortable to sleep in a bra will always exist. But for those of you who use a bra while sleeping, make sure that the bra you wear is not too tight and stiff. Because the use of a bra that is too tight is bad for health.

You want to know what are the effects of using a bra while sleeping?, here are some of them:

1. Inhibits blood circulation
Using a bra while sleeping, especially underwire or too tight bras can hamper blood circulation in the breast area. The chest muscles are even claimed to become narrow due to the pressure from the bra so that blood circulation to the nerves is also hampered.

2. Sleep becomes less restful
Although everyone’s comfort will be different, wearing a bra while sleeping can also make you sleep less soundly. Why is that? This is because during sleep the breasts should be free to move in the direction of gravity.

Well, if you use a bra while sleeping, the bra can block it so that you will feel uncomfortable, so it’s possible to have trouble sleeping well.

3. Causes irritation
Not only inhibiting circulation and making sleep less sound, wearing a bra while sleeping can also cause skin irritation. Especially if you use a bra that is too tight or underwire.

In addition, this risk will increase if you use a bra of the wrong size. Likewise, if the bra strap you are wearing is paired with a size that is too tight so that the risk of experiencing skin irritation is not avoided.

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4. Hyperpigmentation
Using a bra while sleeping is also at risk of causing hyperpigmentation on your breasts. The skin of the breast area will look striped between areas that are often covered by a bra and those that are not. Likewise with the skin area around the bra straps and hooks. The possibility of hyperpigmentation is also possible.

5. The growth of fungus in the breast
The use of a tight bra while sleeping, especially when the weather is hot can make the body sweat. Well, this condition can make the area around the bra so moist and can make it easier for mold to breed, especially if you use the bra continuously.

6. The appearance of cysts in the breast
The use of a bra while sleeping is also believed to cause inflammation that causes the formation of lumps or cysts in the breast. Can’t believe it? A doctor and author named John McDougall revealed that wearing a bra that is too tight while sleeping can cause inflammation that may lead to the appearance of lumps.

7. Triggers cancer

Although this is still being debated, many people believe that wearing a tight bra while sleeping can trigger breast cancer.

The pros and cons related to the impact of using this one bra, it seems that it really needs to be investigated further. This is because there are studies linking wearing a bra while sleeping with cancer, but there are also other studies that reveal different results for wearing a bra while sleeping.…


Dangers of Using Makeup while Sleeping

Dangers of Using Makeup while Sleeping – Makeup is now a mandatory thing for young girls and even boys, the use of makeup can beautify and increase self-confidence.

Makeup has become an important part of a woman’s appearance every day. Both for everyday and formal occasions, make-up on the face is something that cannot be missed. However, many of us still forget to remove our makeup when we go to sleep at night.

Don’t get used to it, huh! These bad habits can cause dangerous things, as summarized. Here are some of the dangers of not removing makeup before bed.

1. Cause a breakout

When sleeping at night, the skin regenerates. This process causes the hair follicles to secrete oil which allows the oil to flow to the surface of the skin.

If you haven’t removed the makeup on your facial skin, the rest of the makeup can trap oil, causing clogged pores. The peak, your skin can also get acne.

In addition, throughout the day as long as we wear makeup while on the move, dust and dirt sticks. It makes acne and other skin problems easier to develop.

2. The eyes become irritated

Eyes are a sensitive part. When you haven’t cleaned the makeup that sticks to your face, especially eyeliner and mascara, of course, it can cause side effects.

You run the risk of allowing bacteria and particles from makeup to soak into your eyes. This causes irritation and infection of the eye, such as redness and itching.

3. Pores become bigger

The skin regeneration process is not going well, causing the pores to become bigger and deeper. The pores of the facial skin become clogged.

Acne and other skin problems will appear more. The condition of facial skin that is getting worse, will hinder the skin’s ability to strengthen its cells from regeneration.

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4. Interfere with the absorption of the product

Sleeping with makeup on can interfere with the skin’s ability to absorb skincare the following night. For that, cleaning your makeup regularly can make your skin clean. Your skin can absorb skincare effectively and the products work optimally!

5. Accelerate skin aging

The impact of the latter is to accelerate aging of the skin. Still with skin regeneration, the process makes cell turnover. The new skin cells are pushed to the surface, while the old skin cells are shed.

Makeup that is not cleaned will trap dead skin cells, make the skin dull, and at the same time cause the skin to look old. Removing makeup before bed provides benefits for brighter, younger skin, and slows down the aging process.…