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Safe Makeup Recommendations for Teens

Safe Makeup Recommendations for Teens – Makeup has now become a daily necessity, even for teenagers though. You see, makeup is able to support your appearance to make it look better, and you will be more confident when you are on the move. Makeup can be used for various daily events, for example for school, college, sightseeing, hangouts, and so on. The use of makeup does not have to be thick, the most important thing is according to the needs of the event. That is why, there are so many cosmetic products for teenagers on the market.

While you’re still a teenager, you can have fun with your skin. If you are still a teenager, you should pay attention to the type of makeup and skincare from now on. In addition, learn teen makeup tips that suit each skin type.

Here are makeup tips for teenage skin that you need to know

If you don’t want to look old and even show signs of premature aging, teenage skin must be cared for and cared for. One of them that must be a point of consideration is the way you choose and apply makeup. In addition to paying attention to the skincare or makeup products used, also consider the following makeup tips that are suitable for the appearance of teenage skin.

1. Don’t buy makeup without trying it on
It’s easy to be influenced by reviews and recommendations from friends. However, even if a product is trending, avoid buying makeup products without trying them on first.

Especially since your skin is still a teenager you are still very sensitive and are in the process of determining what is acceptable and what is not. It’s best to try it first so you don’t waste money, let alone damage the skin.

2. Apply basic skincare first before applying makeup
Before applying makeup for teenagers, you need to clean your face first with facial foam or facial scrub. In addition, so that the surface of the face is maintained, also apply basic skincare. Basic skincare includes toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.

These three types of skincare can nourish and moisturize facial skin. Even simple make-up stays strong and durable for a long time.

3. Avoid dark lipstick and smokey eyes
Not that it’s not allowed, but don’t you want to enjoy a natural look with simple makeup as long as your skin is still in its best condition? All grown women want it, you know. So you should not make your appearance look old with dark colors.

4. Choose a more minimalistic nude lipstick
For a simpler lip color and create natural makeup for teenagers, you can choose a nude lipstick that is also adjusted to your skin color. Choosing a nude lipstick will give a more natural effect on your lip color while rejuvenating your look.

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For owners of tan skin, you can wear nude lipstick with a peach color that tends to be orange. Meanwhile, teenagers who have bright white skin can apply blushing nude lipstick which is dominant with light pink shades.

5. Start to recognize the best parts of your face so that the results are natural
This is the best time to recognize the best parts of your face. Do you like the eyes, lips, or cheekbones? That’s the point you need to learn to highlight. If you like the features of your eyes the most, then learn to apply eyeliner firmly to show the best charm of your eyes.

6. Don’t cover your pores with thick foundation every day
So that your skin is healthier, avoid using foundation to cover your facial pores. As a teenager, your skin is still very vulnerable. The skin is still smooth and even your pores don’t look big. So, even though you like makeup inspirations from makeup artists that look flawless because of their thickness, you should avoid them so that your skin doesn’t become sensitive.

7. Use concealer by pressing, not rubbing
Some concealers have ingredients that are good for the skin. So it’s not just covering up pimples or blemishes on your face, the concealer you use can also be a moisturizer for your skin. So it’s best to use it by pressing and not rubbing it too hard.

8. Just use one eyeshadow color so it doesn’t look bad
You should be proud of your natural facial features, that way you will understand how to apply eyeshadow. When you put eyeshadow and you find it difficult to choose colors, it means you are a little wrong in making a step.

Whatever color you use is actually useful to emphasize your natural charm. So, it’s not your eyeshadow color that should be the center of attention. Just use natural colors for everyday. Then, add eyeliner to make it more assertive.

9. Weigh the makeup on just one point so it doesn’t look old
Don’t thicken all the parts of your face if you don’t want to look like a clown. Just one part. If you want to wear thick eye makeup or bold, balance it with a nude lip color. If you want to stand out, you can also add a little gloss to your lips.…


Makeup Products For Beginners

Makeup Products For Beginners – In using makeup, of course, women must learn slowly, for the first try you can use some of the products that have been recommended below.

Cosmetics products are now more diverse than in the past. Now starting to appear highlighter, contour, browcara, and so on. The number of these types of cosmetics is quite confusing, especially for beginners.

Don’t worry, for those of you who are still learning makeup, you can use ‘basic’ cosmetics at an affordable price. Can be found at the nearest convenience store, here are 8 cosmetic products!

1. Sariayu Foundation

Sariayu released a foundation in an orange bottle with a white screw cap. This product contains areca nut extract, and sandalwood essential oil, which can moisturize the skin. besides that, it is equipped with a sunscreen that protects the skin from the bad effects of the sun.

This foundation is available in four shades, namely Kuning Langsat, Kuning Gading, Kuning Pengantin, and Sawo Matang. With 35 ml contents, you can get this product for only IDR 15 thousand, you know!

2. Marcks Beauty Powder

Marcks’ Classic powder comes in a white jar with a yellow lid. This loose powder is recommended for oily and acne prone skin, but it can also be used for all skin types.

This product is equipped with a sponge in it. This powder is available in 5 shade options according to your skin tone, namely White, Creme, Rose, Invisible, and Natural Beige. With 40gr contents, this product costs IDR 20 thousand.

3. Pixy Twin Blush

Let your cheeks look rosy with this blush from Pixy. This product has a black unit packaging, with a transparent lid. The formula is moisturizing because it contains honey, and it easily rubs off on the cheeks.

Not only that, this product is also multifunctional and you can use it as a lipstick. Pixy provides 5 color variants, namely Pop Terracota, Active Pink, Pretty Plum, Neon Orange, and Stunning Red. Get this blush for IDR 50,000.

4. Viva Eyebrow Pencil

Face frame with wearing cosmetics for eyebrows. Viva pulls out an orange eyebrow pencil and beautiful golden writing. Easy to use and also not easy to fade.

This eyebrow pencil comes in three color choices, namely Black, Brown, and Dark Brown. Contains 1.3 grams, the price of this product is around Rp. 40 thousand.

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5. Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Powder Eye Shadow

This eyeshadow from Emina has a rectangular packaging with a transparent cap decorated with a unique motif. Inside there are 3 palettes and equipped with a brush. The formula is pigmented and durable.

Emina provides quite a number of choices up to 9 variants, namely Brick, Posh, Nude, Colorful, Romantic, Purple, Frosted, Gelato, and Blue. This product is priced at IDR 42 thousand.

6. Moko Moko My Precious Eyeliner

Eyeliner serves to frame the eyes, giving a fresh and even dramatic effect. You can try eyeliner from Moko Moko. The package is in the form of a sachet, accompanied by a brush with a sharp tip. The formula is waterproof, but it’s not difficult to remove.

This eyeliner is durable and lasts up to 8 hours of use, you know. Only available in one variant, namely Fearless Black. Contains 2.5 ml, this product costs IDR 25 thousand.…


Glowing Effect Makeup Recommendations

Glowing Effect Makeup Recommendations – Looking glowing is certainly the desire of every woman, using certain makeup can help women look glowing and bright.

One of the makeup trends from South Korea that is favored by beauty enthusiasts is the glowy skin makeup look. Glowy skin makeup look gives a glowing finish, but still natural.

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer Foundation

To get skin that looks smooth, you can use a primer as a base before applying other makeup. One of the primary recommendations that helps you get glowing results is Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer.

This primer from Maybelline has SPF 35 ++ too, you know! Therefore, this product is perfect for you who are going to have outdoor activities. To get this primer, you can prepare IDR 110 thousand!

2. BLP Beauty Face Base

After using the primer as a makeup base, you can use foundation. One of them came from BLP Beauty.

This lightweight formula foundation contains the main ingredients of chamomile extract, allantoin and caffeine. Apart from that, this foundation is able to provide a flawless, radiant finish.

This foundation, which is priced at Rp. 189 thousand, has 12 different shades. So, you can adjust the color to the under tone of your skin.

3. Y.O.U The Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad

You can’t overlook the use of eyeshadow either! Using eyeshadow can make the eyes look fresher!

You can try this eyeshadow palette from Y.O.U Makeup. Eyeshadow which has four different colors in one palette, can create a variety of different looks that you want.

Y.O.U The Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad is highly pigmented and has a soft texture that is easy to use for maximum results. The price is only Rp. 59 thousand and you can get it at the official store via your favorite marketplace.

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4. Nacific Crush Mood Lip Cream

Next, use lip stain. Nacific Crush Mood Lip Cream can be your choice to look fresh and chic.

This lip cream, which has three shades dominated by red, has a light texture so it is perfect for everyday use. To get this lip cream, you can buy it for just IDR 120,000!

To get a glossy finish, you can use lip balm before using this lip cream! Give it a try!

5. Rollover Reaction Halolight Luminizing Stick

Finally, the key to getting glowing makeup is to use a highlighter. One of the highlighter favorites among beauty enthusiasts is the Rollover Reaction Halolight Luminizing Stick.

The texture is creamy and easy to blend, giving it a natural glowing finish. You can get this highlighter, which is priced at Rp.139 thousand through e-commerce!…