Latest Makeup Trends 2021

Latest Makeup Trends 2021

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Latest Makeup Trends 2021 – Makeup is one of the important components in a woman’s appearance, this makeup evolves with the development of makeup tricks and follows the skills of the makeup artists.

Throughout 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and affected various aspects of life. Currently, doing activities outside the home requires us to follow health protocols by wearing masks.

As a result, the makeup trend has also changed. In a special interview (26/2/2021), Claudia See, Director of Ange Gardien Paris, also predicted how the shift in makeup trends was caused by the pandemic. The following describes the makeup trends for 2021.

1. Pandemics make consumers pay more attention to ingredients and also the added value of a product

The pandemic has changed many of women’s makeup habits and also changed what is considered trendy. Trend is no longer just about style or color, but also about materials and packaging.

This pandemic has led women to question basic assumptions about how they enjoy life. This in turn affects their use and expectations of cosmetic products.

“Consumers now understand more about the ingredients used in beauty products and not only expect beauty brands to have values ‚Äč‚Äčthat match their values, but also add value to the lifestyle they want to achieve,” said Claudia.

2. Nudes and neutrals will dominate

The pandemic has also changed the needs of women in makeup. Today, more women want to be comfortable than to stand out in their make-up. Therefore, nude and neutral colors will dominate.

“We feel that nudes and neutrals will be more dominant, along with lighter brights for contrast and for those times when they have a chance to dress up,” she says.

3. Hydrating makeup formulation

Long-term use of masks often makes the skin chafed and causes inflammation and dryness of the skin. Therefore, it is predicted that a hydrating makeup formulation will be needed, especially for the cushion foundation.

As a reference, Claudia recommends Naturale Glow Cushion Foundation AGP which contains acacia peptide and niacinamide which can protect our skin’s barrier.

“Acacia Peptide helps stimulate natural moisturizing factors in the skin for optimal skin hydration and prevents loss of moisture, while niacinamide is a vitamin that brightens the skin while helping to improve our skin barrier. These ingredients help fight pressure on our skin when we wear a daily mask- day, “he explained.

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4. Main focus on eye makeup

Usually, the use of masks hides half of the face so that the eyes are the main focus of makeup. This can be handled as simple as putting on mascara or eyeshadow that can instantly enhance the look or even change the mood.

For reference, Claudia suggests Ange Gardiens’ Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara, which dramatically lifts, curls, and enlarges lashes. This product is claimed to be very useful for Asian women, who generally have thinner and shorter eyelashes. In addition, there is also the Vitamins Showtime Eye Palette, which has nine highly pigmented colors.

“You can choose from a variety of fresh and nude to dark and sophisticated colors to create a variety of looks. The soft, easy-to-blend textures also make the product very easy to use for beginners,” he explained.

5. In the end, as long as the pandemic continues, makeup will be more practical and uphold health

Until 2021, the pandemic will still continue. Therefore, even makeup will prioritize everyday practicality while considering fitness and health.