Safe Makeup Recommendations for Teens

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Safe Makeup Recommendations for Teens – Makeup has now become a daily necessity, even for teenagers though. You see, makeup is able to support your appearance to make it look better, and you will be more confident when you are on the move. Makeup can be used for various daily events, for example for school, college, sightseeing, hangouts, and so on. The use of makeup does not have to be thick, the most important thing is according to the needs of the event. That is why, there are so many cosmetic products for teenagers on the market.

While you’re still a teenager, you can have fun with your skin. If you are still a teenager, you should pay attention to the type of makeup and skincare from now on. In addition, learn teen makeup tips that suit each skin type.

Here are makeup tips for teenage skin that you need to know

If you don’t want to look old and even show signs of premature aging, teenage skin must be cared for and cared for. One of them that must be a point of consideration is the way you choose and apply makeup. In addition to paying attention to the skincare or makeup products used, also consider the following makeup tips that are suitable for the appearance of teenage skin.

1. Don’t buy makeup without trying it on
It’s easy to be influenced by reviews and recommendations from friends. However, even if a product is trending, avoid buying makeup products without trying them on first.

Especially since your skin is still a teenager you are still very sensitive and are in the process of determining what is acceptable and what is not. It’s best to try it first so you don’t waste money, let alone damage the skin.

2. Apply basic skincare first before applying makeup
Before applying makeup for teenagers, you need to clean your face first with facial foam or facial scrub. In addition, so that the surface of the face is maintained, also apply basic skincare. Basic skincare includes toner, moisturizer and sunscreen.

These three types of skincare can nourish and moisturize facial skin. Even simple make-up stays strong and durable for a long time.

3. Avoid dark lipstick and smokey eyes
Not that it’s not allowed, but don’t you want to enjoy a natural look with simple makeup as long as your skin is still in its best condition? All grown women want it, you know. So you should not make your appearance look old with dark colors.

4. Choose a more minimalistic nude lipstick
For a simpler lip color and create natural makeup for teenagers, you can choose a nude lipstick that is also adjusted to your skin color. Choosing a nude lipstick will give a more natural effect on your lip color while rejuvenating your look.

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For owners of tan skin, you can wear nude lipstick with a peach color that tends to be orange. Meanwhile, teenagers who have bright white skin can apply blushing nude lipstick which is dominant with light pink shades.

5. Start to recognize the best parts of your face so that the results are natural
This is the best time to recognize the best parts of your face. Do you like the eyes, lips, or cheekbones? That’s the point you need to learn to highlight. If you like the features of your eyes the most, then learn to apply eyeliner firmly to show the best charm of your eyes.

6. Don’t cover your pores with thick foundation every day
So that your skin is healthier, avoid using foundation to cover your facial pores. As a teenager, your skin is still very vulnerable. The skin is still smooth and even your pores don’t look big. So, even though you like makeup inspirations from makeup artists that look flawless because of their thickness, you should avoid them so that your skin doesn’t become sensitive.

7. Use concealer by pressing, not rubbing
Some concealers have ingredients that are good for the skin. So it’s not just covering up pimples or blemishes on your face, the concealer you use can also be a moisturizer for your skin. So it’s best to use it by pressing and not rubbing it too hard.

8. Just use one eyeshadow color so it doesn’t look bad
You should be proud of your natural facial features, that way you will understand how to apply eyeshadow. When you put eyeshadow and you find it difficult to choose colors, it means you are a little wrong in making a step.

Whatever color you use is actually useful to emphasize your natural charm. So, it’s not your eyeshadow color that should be the center of attention. Just use natural colors for everyday. Then, add eyeliner to make it more assertive.

9. Weigh the makeup on just one point so it doesn’t look old
Don’t thicken all the parts of your face if you don’t want to look like a clown. Just one part. If you want to wear thick eye makeup or bold, balance it with a nude lip color. If you want to stand out, you can also add a little gloss to your lips.