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Glowing Effect Makeup Recommendations

Glowing Effect Makeup Recommendations – Looking glowing is certainly the desire of every woman, using certain makeup can help women look glowing and bright.

One of the makeup trends from South Korea that is favored by beauty enthusiasts is the glowy skin makeup look. Glowy skin makeup look gives a glowing finish, but still natural.

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer Foundation

To get skin that looks smooth, you can use a primer as a base before applying other makeup. One of the primary recommendations that helps you get glowing results is Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer.

This primer from Maybelline has SPF 35 ++ too, you know! Therefore, this product is perfect for you who are going to have outdoor activities. To get this primer, you can prepare IDR 110 thousand!

2. BLP Beauty Face Base

After using the primer as a makeup base, you can use foundation. One of them came from BLP Beauty.

This lightweight formula foundation contains the main ingredients of chamomile extract, allantoin and caffeine. Apart from that, this foundation is able to provide a flawless, radiant finish.

This foundation, which is priced at Rp. 189 thousand, has 12 different shades. So, you can adjust the color to the under tone of your skin.

3. Y.O.U The Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad

You can’t overlook the use of eyeshadow either! Using eyeshadow can make the eyes look fresher!

You can try this eyeshadow palette from Y.O.U Makeup. Eyeshadow which has four different colors in one palette, can create a variety of different looks that you want.

Y.O.U The Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad is highly pigmented and has a soft texture that is easy to use for maximum results. The price is only Rp. 59 thousand and you can get it at the official store via your favorite marketplace.

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4. Nacific Crush Mood Lip Cream

Next, use lip stain. Nacific Crush Mood Lip Cream can be your choice to look fresh and chic.

This lip cream, which has three shades dominated by red, has a light texture so it is perfect for everyday use. To get this lip cream, you can buy it for just IDR 120,000!

To get a glossy finish, you can use lip balm before using this lip cream! Give it a try!

5. Rollover Reaction Halolight Luminizing Stick

Finally, the key to getting glowing makeup is to use a highlighter. One of the highlighter favorites among beauty enthusiasts is the Rollover Reaction Halolight Luminizing Stick.

The texture is creamy and easy to blend, giving it a natural glowing finish. You can get this highlighter, which is priced at Rp.139 thousand through e-commerce!…