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Makeup Products For Beginners

Makeup Products For Beginners – In using makeup, of course, women must learn slowly, for the first try you can use some of the products that have been recommended below.

Cosmetics products are now more diverse than in the past. Now starting to appear highlighter, contour, browcara, and so on. The number of these types of cosmetics is quite confusing, especially for beginners.

Don’t worry, for those of you who are still learning makeup, you can use ‘basic’ cosmetics at an affordable price. Can be found at the nearest convenience store, here are 8 cosmetic products!

1. Sariayu Foundation

Sariayu released a foundation in an orange bottle with a white screw cap. This product contains areca nut extract, and sandalwood essential oil, which can moisturize the skin. besides that, it is equipped with a sunscreen that protects the skin from the bad effects of the sun.

This foundation is available in four shades, namely Kuning Langsat, Kuning Gading, Kuning Pengantin, and Sawo Matang. With 35 ml contents, you can get this product for only IDR 15 thousand, you know!

2. Marcks Beauty Powder

Marcks’ Classic powder comes in a white jar with a yellow lid. This loose powder is recommended for oily and acne prone skin, but it can also be used for all skin types.

This product is equipped with a sponge in it. This powder is available in 5 shade options according to your skin tone, namely White, Creme, Rose, Invisible, and Natural Beige. With 40gr contents, this product costs IDR 20 thousand.

3. Pixy Twin Blush

Let your cheeks look rosy with this blush from Pixy. This product has a black unit packaging, with a transparent lid. The formula is moisturizing because it contains honey, and it easily rubs off on the cheeks.

Not only that, this product is also multifunctional and you can use it as a lipstick. Pixy provides 5 color variants, namely Pop Terracota, Active Pink, Pretty Plum, Neon Orange, and Stunning Red. Get this blush for IDR 50,000.

4. Viva Eyebrow Pencil

Face frame with wearing cosmetics for eyebrows. Viva pulls out an orange eyebrow pencil and beautiful golden writing. Easy to use and also not easy to fade.

This eyebrow pencil comes in three color choices, namely Black, Brown, and Dark Brown. Contains 1.3 grams, the price of this product is around Rp. 40 thousand.

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5. Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Powder Eye Shadow

This eyeshadow from Emina has a rectangular packaging with a transparent cap decorated with a unique motif. Inside there are 3 palettes and equipped with a brush. The formula is pigmented and durable.

Emina provides quite a number of choices up to 9 variants, namely Brick, Posh, Nude, Colorful, Romantic, Purple, Frosted, Gelato, and Blue. This product is priced at IDR 42 thousand.

6. Moko Moko My Precious Eyeliner

Eyeliner serves to frame the eyes, giving a fresh and even dramatic effect. You can try eyeliner from Moko Moko. The package is in the form of a sachet, accompanied by a brush with a sharp tip. The formula is waterproof, but it’s not difficult to remove.

This eyeliner is durable and lasts up to 8 hours of use, you know. Only available in one variant, namely Fearless Black. Contains 2.5 ml, this product costs IDR 25 thousand.…